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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new venture

No one ever told me how crazy it would be with 2 children, a husband, a full time job and staying involved with my networking groups.  Not to mention staying in contact with my friends.  Man, this is a lot of work.  I give credit to those who have more than 2 children.  What do you do when the children outnumber the parents?  LOL.

As if I am not busy enough, I have started a new venture with Thirty-One!  Have you heard of this awesome product line?  If you haven't check out my website.  Seriously, this stuff is adorable and you can personalize it with your name, initials, fun sayings, whatever you want!  And the best part? It appeals to every generation, and literally everyone on my shopping list will be getting something from Thirty-One.

So, I am actively looking for hostesses to have a party.  Just look at all these amazing gifts you can get for free!  You can host a party and you and all of your guests can shop for those on their holiday lists in one night.  And as a hostess you might even score items on your list FOR FREE!

Now we aren't forgetting those that attend to your November party!  For every $31 they spend they can purchase a Littles Carry-all Caddy for just $1!  Seriously, just a buck?  You can't purchase a candy bar for a dollar these days.  And they make such cute gifts.  Attending a holiday party this season and need a hostess gift?  Place a mum or a bottle of wine in the caddy and voila, your gift is complete.  Need a gift for your child's teacher?  Pick up some office supplies and presto, a cute gift with a tote they can 
re-use for school or at home.
The possibilities with this caddy are endless!

So let me know if you are interested in hosting a party.  You can host a book party at your place of employment if hosting a party at your home freaks you out!  :)

And my Thirty-One consultant set arrived today.  So I will share with you what I got and why I am so excited to share this with everyone I know!

Hope to talk to you soon!