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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teddy's Party

Well, it has taken me 3 times to upload pictures from Teddy's Party, but I think this time, it will actually work!
Here we are with the Thing 1 Thing 2 shirts I made.  We made the crown out of felt and the shirt I purchased at Cute As a Button on Etsy.  
Here are the wine corks I purchased at M6Designs.  I love them!
Green Eggs of course!  I made little Tent cards out of card stock with the names of the items.  I used Michelle's  So Wonderful, So Marvelous menu from her son's birthday.
The yummy candy bar with my fabulous dum dum trees. 
The centerpieces were inspired from Newly Nesting.  We used different vases on each table with a Dr. Seuss book to mix it up a bit.
The Who-cakes were made by a friend from high school, Piece of Cake.  They were simply amazing, as you can see since one cupcake was already missing!
The birthday boy enjoying his Cat in the Hat cake!
Grandma took him for a walk as we cleaned up.  He sure had a great time!
Hope you enjoyed the recap!


  1. Did you make th dum dum trees? How did you do it? Love that!

  2. Wonderfully done! We'd love to see closer pics of the dum dum trees. I love that you guys are Thing 1 & 2. I’m adding a link to this on my children’s book blog where I collect Dr. Seuss ideas.

  3. Stephanie - I used styro balls and stuck the dum dums into them. You have to cut the sticks down on the suckers or else they hit each other as you push them in. I just stuck a dowel rod into the middle and craft foam into the little pot.

  4. LOVE the dum dum trees & the wine corks. This party is so cute!