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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So just surfing around looking at things on Overstock I found these amazing pieces for our cabinet/ beverage center.  Which will look something like this when it's finished, minus the lighting in the cabinet.  We will have black granite counter tops and a mini fridge in the center of the bottom cabinets.

I wanted something pink but not too much that men wouldn't drink out of them.  
What is it with men and pink anyway... that's a whole post all in itself.
Anyway, here is what I purchased...

We will have a stemware holder for the wine glasses and I will put the other glasses above it.  They came the other day and I wanted to start using them.  But I didn't.  They are actually a little more purple than they appear in these pictures too.  But just way too cute!
So I will stare at them in their boxes until September when the house is finished.


  1. I love those!! I think men will totally drink out of those. :) Your beverage center is going to be amazing!

  2. I like how they contrast with the white. Very nice choice!