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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

My 4 day weeks have started!  So now through Labor Day weekend I will be off every Friday.  I am super excited to take advantage of some extra time with my peanut!  
Here is Mommy's little Firecracker!
I was looking to do something fun for July 4th.  While searching through blogs and good ole Google I came across 17 and Baking.  This is a wonderful blog and inspired me to make her cake.

So, I attempted to make the Flag Cake earlier this week as a trial run.  Let me just say that I am NOT a baker.  I usually burn everything, so I knew I would need a trial run.  Good thing I did too, because the red and blue cakes stuck to the pan and just crumbled.  I was so bummed, I threw it away.

So here are my three cakes.  All ready to go.  It was 2 boxes of White cake, split into 3 equal parts, and then dye 1 blue and 1 red.

Then you begin to layer red and white... Recipe here
So again, I cannot bake but was super excited that it came out PERFECT!

So fun right?!  If I make this again I might get those sugar sprinkles for the top because the blue cake kinda carried through the rest of the icing.  But again, since I cannot bake, I give myself an A on this project!

We even had enough left over for red, white, and blue Trifle!
That was my back-up plan in case the cakes stuck to the bottom of the pans again!

I hope your Fourth of July weekend was as fabulous as mine!  Have a great week!

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