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Monday, June 13, 2011

Wonder Pets Birthday Party!

My son had his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago and we did a Wonder Pets theme.
The party stores don't really carry anything Wonder Pets and I didn't want to order plates and things from an online store, so I used this Etsy shop.  She has also done a Wonder Pets party for her son.

Here are some pictures...
The cupcakes that my mom and I made

A mini fly boat with a wagon I had from a doll when I was little.

 The flyboat cake that my wonderful best friend made.  
Luckily I had the Wonder Pets figures from one of my son's toys.
 The goodies pails for the kiddos.  
Since his birthday is in May, I found some Easter items (chalk, bubbles, suckers, and balls) that weren't "Eastery" on sale so I picked them up for his party.
I just printed off the logo from Nick Jr's website.

The Ming Ming crudite

The weather was looking dicey, so we set everything up in the garage.

 The birthday boy.

The happy family!

We made capes for the kiddos out of plastic table covers and then glued the logo on the back.

It was a fabulous party!!


  1. Hey I'm having a Wonder Pets bday party for my son. I love your idea of the boat with the napkins!! I was wondering where did you get the logo for the napkins?

  2. I am just in love with the Wonder Pets Birthday Party. The cake is looking superb. I really like DIY parties and on my nephew’s 7th birthday I also hosted a funky DIY bash in last week. I had thrown this bash at one of the garden event venues in Chicago.