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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pottery Barn Decorating Class

On Sunday my mom and I went to Pottery Barn to a decorating class on How to Set Up Your New Home.   My mom and I thought it would be mostly decorating, but it was more about what to register for and what the essentials are.
They showed you some different plate settings (formal, casual, and everyday) along with some fun ways to accessorize your table.  They showed different flatware that went with each setting as well.

They then showed ALL of the glassware that they offer.  Talking about each piece, what you really needed, and what some pieces could also be used for
(i.e. wine glass as a water glass, martini glass for dessert, etc.)

They also showed different barware that they carried and pieces that you should have 
and pieces that are more of a conversation starter.

After showing those pieces they showed picture frames and other ways to
 decorate by using glass, plants, and botanicals.

Now, while I didn't take any photos during the class (I plan to ask about this next time!)  
I did take some photos throughout the store for your viewing pleasure.

Cute tablescape

Loved all the greenery on this table

Beautiful botanicals and glass (my personal fave!)

Love this terrarium look (sorry it came out blurry!)

Our next class is in two weeks and it's How to Accessorize Your Home.


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