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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolution - Get rid of some clothes

So when I moved out of my mom's house I left half of my closet there.  That was 2 years ago.  Now she is getting ready to sell her condo so I had to get all of my stuff out.  
Too bad my closet here was already full!
Here is the after math:

 What I got rid of!
What I kept!

Luckily I had a good friend at work who took almost everything I was donating.  
At least my clothes went to a good home and I can still see them.

It feels good to have gotten rid of things that I hadn't worn in a VERY long time.
What did you get rid of this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Nothing! But I always have a bag by the door waiting to be donated to Goodwill!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland