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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flower Headband

So a few days ago I showed you the tutu that I made for my Little Princess.  Here I will show you how I made the headband to match.
I purchased a stem of flowers from Joanns and pulled them off the stem.

I then took apart the flowers so they would lay flat.
I then hot glued them back together by putting glue around the center of the flower.

I then measured my headband elastic to a headband that I had purchased at the store, since I knew that fit her head.
I sewed up the ends with matching thread.

And finally hot glued the flower onto the headband.

I also added a rhinestone in the middle to add some bling.

Isn't she adorable?!?! And yes, I know the flower is as large as her head.  LOL.

I made a sunflower one as well!

I think the next one I am going to make will be interchangeable so I don't have so many headbands and I will be able to use them on bigger headbands as she gets bigger.




  1. omg these are soooo cute! My daughter is 4 and I want to start making them for her on barrettes. Precious!

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  2. Super cute! My friend has a little girl and she wears these all the time. I'm going to send her this so she can try making them. thx!