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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yummy Carrot Cake!

So, last Friday I really had a craving for Carrot Cake.  I almost made the hubby take me to the local bakery to get me a piece, then I checked out my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and found this recipe.  
I checked out the ingredients and I had everything in my pantry.  I was pumped!  

So besides the fact the we only had baby carrots and I nearly killed my fingers shredding them, oh and that I only have 1 round cake pan, it was a huge success.  

Yes, my top layer is smaller than the other, I really need another round cake pan!

I also made the frosting from scratch and didn't realize how much the recipe would make would.  I should have put more in the middle, but since I wasn't sure how much it would make, I scaled back.  

For my first carrot cake, I think I did pretty well.
Oh, and it tasted amazing!!

Have you baked anything this week?

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